Glad to See You're Using IFS RSVP Bot!

IFS RSVP Bot is a utility Telegram bot for organisers of Ingress First Saturday events. You can use this bot to manage agents in any IFS event. You don't need to check RSVP, submit score one by one anymore.

IFS RSVP Bot is optimized for deploy quickly. Just click “Deploy to Heroku”, you can deploy the bot in your Heroku account for free, or you can deploy it anywhere you like. Further more, IFS RSVP Bot can help you in the whole process of IFS event, include from RSVP to export data.

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Help Documents

If you just need a hand about IFS RSVP Bot, you can find it here. Find the answer you need at here is recommended.

Want to find a topic you're interested? Look at the left of page please. Or you can browse Quick Deploy Guide first.

Incompleted Documents

These documents are being translated in English, in the other word, the English docuements are incompleted. We encourage you to find some help in our official Telegram groupchat, or view Chinese docs with Google Translate. 😛

Unexpected Problem

If all documents can't solve your problem, or you find a unexpected problem in bot, you can call for help in official Telegram groupchat.

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